When Your Doctor Says, “Just Change and You’ll Feel Better!”

Un-healthy Harold

Image by goosmurf via Flickr

Has your doctor or health care practitioner told you you’ve got to change lately? Like this is as easy thing to do,“Just change.” I think not!

What Kind of Change is On The Table For You?

  •     Don’t eat sweets?
  •     Lay off dairy products?
  •     Get some exercise every day?
  •     Go to bed earlier?
  •     Eat more vegetables?
  •     Give up the alcohol?
  •     Work less? Relax more?

These simply stated words of advice may involve significant life changes for you.

  • To change may mean that you have to learn new ways of organizing your time, your activities, and even aspects of your relationships.
  • To change may mean that you have to try things you’ve never tried before, learn things you never learned before, or  let go of things you never intended to let go of, ever.

For Example: What About the Girl Scout Cookies?

If your doctor says, don’t eat sweets, then what do you do with the Girl Scout Cookies? Here’s what I did this year. I gave my delicious Thin Mints to my local fire department. It happened that around the time the cookies arrived, I’d called the fire station to ask about safely storing things near the water heater. The fireman I spoke with was so kind and helpful, that I wanted to give something back. The cookies! I asked, “Hey, would you guys like some Girl Scout Thin Mints?” Without hesitation he said, “absolutely!”

I took my walk that day over to the fire station and delivered the cookies. The fireman I’d spoken with greeting me with a smile, and with a smile I gave him the cookies. I was happy to know they would be enjoyed, and we both agreed the cookies were best when frozen. We laughed at how everybody seems to know that tasty trick. I left, wondering though… what is it about those guys, they’re always sexy!

I’ve digressed… but isn’t that the point ultimately, to get through these challenges and back to enjoying life?

If you’re wrestling with a change, then let’s take on the challenge and meet it. It can be done. In time it will get easier.

If you’re wrestling with a set of changes, it may feel more complicated, even overwhelming, but again, it can be done. That’s what this blog is all about, giving you the practical and inspirational support you need to stay the course, for improving your digestion and living well!

Let me know what kinds of changes are on the table for you, and what you’re doing to meet the challenge!

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2 Responses to When Your Doctor Says, “Just Change and You’ll Feel Better!”

  1. Gail Terp says:

    Great post!

    Here’s the change I’m struggling with – I suspect that wheat/gluten may be messing with my digestion (and maybe even sleep!). But giving up wheat is soooo hard.

    This blog may give me the information/encouragement I need… Thanks!

  2. Lori Landau says:

    Thanks for writing Gail! Yes, a lot of people have concerns about wheat. I’ve started writing a post to address this question in response to your comment. Stay tuned!

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