Eat Less, More Often!

Metronome 3

Metronome 3 (Photo credit: nigel_appleton)

To ease your digestion, and those pesky uncomfortable energy draining symptoms, pace your intake. Eat less, more often!

Instead of the usual 3 big meals a day, enjoy 6 half-size meals instead! If you’re a snacker, you’ll love doing this!

It’s easy: Prepare your meal as you normally would, and place half the serving in a storage container for later. If you make enough for a few meals, you’ll be set for the day!

Keep a selection of small containers (Pyrex, BPA free plastic, and hot food) handy to suit your needs, and give it a try.  As you pace your meals with a rhythm that supports your body’s digestive tempo, your symptoms may diminish or magically disappear!

Day by day, our choices make a difference. 

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