Be Patience, Wait Until Your Fruit is Ripe!

English: Fruit stall in a market in Barcelona,...

English: Fruit stall in a market in Barcelona, Spain. Français : Étal de fruits dans un marché à Barcelone (Espagne). Deutsch: Obststand auf einem Markt in Barcelona, Spanien. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To ease your digestion, and those pesky uncomfortable energy draining symptoms, practice patience when you’re hungry. Wait until your fruit is ripe!

Eating fruit in the morning or for a snack is a great idea, unless that banana you peel isn’t quite ripe, the pear you slice into isn’t “like butter,” or the berries are super tart. Then those potentially yummy treats can turn a sensitive digestive tract on it’s heels, saying, “I don’t think so!”

Instead of wondering why you can’t eat unripe fruit, say “Thank You!” to your very intelligent digestive system, because fruit is meant to eat when it is ripe!

If you’re not sure how some fruits should look, feel, smell, or taste when they’re ripe, ask a produce specialist at your market. You are likely to get all the answers you need, and if the fruit is in season, you may be offered a sample to taste!

Having fruit ready when you are can take some planning and practice, so be patient with the process. And don’t feel too badly about tossing a few mis-takes out along the way. It’s part of the learning curve, and way less expensive than feeling bad for hours, buying over-the-counter remedies, or worse yet, ending up at the doctor’s office for salvation.

A reaction to unripe fruit is not really a problem, it’s just your digestive system telling you what makes good sense. The best remedy is simple, be patience, and wait until your fruit is ripe before you eat it. It will be easier to digest, and taste delicious too!

Day by day, our choices make a difference.  

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