Are You Tired? Don’t Snack, Rest!

Rest for CalmAndSense.meWhen you’re hungry, eat.

When you’re thirsty, drink.

And when you’re tired, rest to restore yourself.

That list of Things To Do will get done faster and more efficiently if you are rested and feeling healthy. If you’re tired, taking a break is the next best thing to do!

If you’re tired from a late night, an early morning, or over doing it in general, then instead of reaching for your favorite snack to keep you going… those sugar or caffeine laden energy boosters, or anything else you aren’t nutritionally in need of, step back for some basic TLC.

Whether you need 20 minutes of shut-eye, a walk in the sunshine, or a good laugh with a friend, taking care of your physical well-being will make a difference overall. To regroup, give yourself a moment to consider what you need. Take another moment to imagine how you might meet that need. Be creative, be flexible. If you need a 2 week vacation,  go if you can, but at least take a few hours to do something vacation-like. Whatever you do, don’t snack on useless food and drinks that will challenge your digestion and deplete your vitality. Missing out on an opportunity for self-care will only perpetuate the digestive blues and leave you feeling tired again tomorrow.

Do you need permission to take care? You have my permission! I know you’ll be your best after a little rest. I know you’ll be sharper and your mood will be brighter if you take a break when you need one.

Move in the direction of relaxation best you can. As you respond to your body’s need for rest, your body will respond in kind with more vitality and digestive ease. And remember, if it’s good for your health, then it’s good for everything you do and every relationship you have! Rest and restore. You’ll be glad you did!

Day by day, our choices make a difference.

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