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It can be frustrating, even scary, when digestive issues arise. There’s often a period of not knowing what to do, but you’re already moving in the right direction. Do the TLC thing for a little while, and definitely check out the processes in Calm and Sense for Ease.

To help you along, here are some quotes to inspire faith, determination, and perseverance to stay the course for healthy digestion and living well.

Pleasant Surprises Happen

Life brings pleasant surprises when we least expect them. All we have to do, is be open to seeing them. Practice being open to pleasant surprises happening for you!  

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Take a Moment to Breathe

Take a moment to notice your breathing. Notice that life is breathing you. Feel the breath of life flowing into your body. Let it, welcome it, receive this gift of life. Now let it go, releasing that breath in gratitude … Continue reading

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