Ida Know Goes to School After All

Every now and then, Ida Know announces that she can’t go to school because she doesn’t feel good.

Her Mom always asks, “What’s the matter Ida?”

Ida always holds her tummy and says, “I don’t know, I just don’t feel good and I don’t want to go to school today.”

Ida’s Mom always looks concerned, and takes time to feel her forehead, take her temperature, look in her ears, and ask a lot of questions, like…

“Did you go to sleep after I tucked you in last night?”

“Yes Mommy,” Ida would say.

“Did you eat anything unusual at school yesterday, like a frog or a cricket?”

“No Mommy!” Ida would say, laughing.

“Did you swallow a fly?”

“No Mommy, I did not swallow a fly!”

“Well, then what could it be?” her mother would say, “maybe it wasn’t anything you ate.”

Then, there was always a moment of silence, while they both waited for the other to think of a new idea.

This morning Ida’s mother wondered, “Ida, did something happen that’s bothering you?”

“Yes,” Ida said. “Everyone laughed yesterday when I spilled soup on my dress at lunchtime!”

“Oh my goodness.” said Ida’s mother. “What happened next?” she asked.

“I started to cry, and then someone said I was a baby.” And with that, Ida began to cry again, sobbing in her mother’s arms.

“No wonder you didn’t feel good about going to school today!” Ida’s mother said as she held her close.

Ida cried a little more, and then rested for a quiet moment, still sitting with her mom.

“Mommy, I’m feeling better now.” Ida suddenly said. “Can I go to school?”

“But Ida, what about the thing your classmate said?”

“Oh that boy, he says that to everyone. I bet he cries sometimes too!”

“I bet you’re right Ida!” said her mom with a smile.

“And the laughing?” asked her mom.

“Kids always laugh when anyone spills, or trips, or bumps into something. I guess it was kind of funny. I was just surprised when it happened, and I wanted my soup!”

“Ida, what did you have for lunch yesterday? her mother asked.

“Lots of things! My friends shared their lunches with me, wasn’t that nice of them?”

“Yes Ida, that was very nice of your friends.”

“We better go now Mommy, I don’t want to be late for school!”

And off they went, Ida feeling good about herself, her friends, and her family, and Ida’s tummy feeling good too! 

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Hold the Pepper Please!

i would do anything for love

i would do anything for love (Photo credit: Lori Greig)

To ease your digestion, and those pesky uncomfortable energy draining symptoms, season to taste, but Hold the Pepper Please!

If you’ve been feeling unpleasant digestive heat after a meal, start to notice if what you eat is sprinkled with pepper. I notice a pepper reaction during busy times when I grab a meal at the food court in my favorite market. Most of the cooked food is sprinkled with black pepper. The cumulative effect of doing this too often reminds me to… Hold the pepper please!

Sometimes pepper is obvious, but not always. Read labels on packaged food before you buy, and if you go out to eat, ask your waiter about ingredients and spices before you order. Restaurants where the chefs cook fresh per order, are often happy to accommodate customers. They want you to enjoy your meal, and come back again with family and friends!

As you discover that food can taste delicious and be just right for you too, your body will say “Thank You,” with more digestive ease and vitality!

Day by day, our choices make a difference.

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“No Seconds, Thank You”


Spring is on the way

To ease your digestion and those pesky uncomfortable energy draining symptoms, skip those extra few bites. Say “No thank you” to seconds!

As you let go in one direction, turn your attention to where you can say “Yes!” Anything will do to get you started: do the dishes, water the plants, make your bed, or get on with the work of your day. Stay in motion with what you can do, and your body will say “Thank You” by feeling better!

Day by day, our choices make a difference.

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

Reflecting Light

Reflecting Light

When you’re weary from the challenges of life, know this, you’re not alone in that feeling.

There are times we have to step back for reflection.

Let it be.

Spend time in nature.

Listen to your heart.

Take time to rest.

Forgive everything and everyone, including yourself.

Come back to the present moment.


Look around you, there is life.

Look within you, there is love.

Everything you need to know and do, will emerge from the peace of being at one with life and love.

And as you move forward, you may find,  as my expert hiking friend Mark says, it’s really “Two steps forward for every one back!”

Here’s Bruce Springsteen reflecting in One Step Up:

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Can You Really Help Someone You Love Develop Healthy Habits?

A determined cuckoo tries desperately to awake...

Image via Wikipedia

Have you ever tried to help someone with something, like improving their eating habits, only to find it doesn’t help a bit? In fact, have you noticed the more you nudge, prod, recommend, remind, and support, the more likely they are to get irritated with you? Have you noticed that despite your best efforts to be helpful, they almost stubbornly refuse to do the very thing they know is good for them?

When we believe our support can make a difference for someone we love, but aren’t having much success, a shift in focus can make a difference.

Lao Tzu, in The Tao Te Ching, writes

When the Master governs, the people are hardly aware that he exits.
Next best is a leader who is loved.
Next, one who is feared.
The worst is one who is despised.

If you don’t trust the people, you make them untrustworthy.

The Master doesn’t talk, he acts.
When his work is done, the people say,
“Amazing, we did it, all by ourselves!”

In other words, support is experienced as we attend to our own practices in living well, and as we extend to those we love, a patient, knowing, confidence, that they will find their way, in their time. It is not our overt guidance, but our grounded presence and confidence that can make the difference. This kind of support encourages listening on the inside, to that quiet voice, that knowing of what fits and what doesn’t, what feels healthy and what doesn’t. It’s not that our someone special doesn’t know what to do… at least some of what to do, right? But they must come to it for themselves.

As we listen with compassion to their complaints of symptoms, turn worry for expressions of confidence in them, and pay attention to our own healthy habits, they begin to sort through their own choices and find what works. It’s a process.

If you’re not sure this way of communicating is powerful enough for your situation, you may be right, but I’d like to invite you to try it out, here and now between you and me. I want to give you a chance to be on the receiving end of the support, so you can experience it firsthand. This is just practice, but it will give you the flavor of this more subtle approach. You’ll start by imagining yourself sharing your concern with me. You might want to write it down as if you’re writing a note or letter. Then I’ll ask you to read my response below, where I’ll recognize your concern, and express confidence that you are finding your way.

Let’s begin:

1. Take a moment to imagine and write your concern.

2. Now read/listen to my response:

I know you’re concerned about someone you love. In this, I know you love, and are giving from your heart… your care, time and devotion. How lucky this person is to have and be loved by you. Just by being present to listen and love, you are already a blessing. Even if you don’t see this now, you will see it one day.

If there’s more you’d like to share, I’m here, listening.

3. Take a moment to notice if there’s anything more you want to say, even if it’s to repeat what you’ve already said, that’s okay. Write it down now. Then read/listen to my response again.

4. Repeat this process until you feel you’ve shared your concern completely, and then read/listen to my response again.

5. Take a moment.

6. Do you feel a shift toward calm? If you do, then take a step further and briefly describe what you’re experiencing… maybe in a word, a phrase, a color, a song, an image, or in your breathing pattern. Let something come to mind that expresses what you are experiencing now. This can help you stay with the calm.

Every situation is different in details, and yet the overriding principle of caring for another is based in the simplicity of our loving presence: To listen with care, to love with faith, and to pay attention to the things we can do each day that make our lives a blessing.

May you and those you love, be blessed with good health, and may your lives be a blessing.

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When Healthy Habits Are Easier Said Than Done

Rock Climbing in Dali

Image via Wikipedia

When it comes to maintaining healthy eating and living habits, it’s often easier said than done for a variety of reasons. We all encounter these reasons from time to time.

  • The week was so full, that I didn’t have time to shop for and prepare healthy meals.
  • Stress got the best of me today and I caved in to a craving.
  • I didn’t want to interrupt my work to fix something healthy, so I snacked instead.
  • I was too tired to cook by the time I got home from work, so I picked up fast food.

Are you tired, short on time, stressed, or so focused on something you’re doing that you aren’t taking good care of yourself lately? It happens.

The point of our talking about this, is to step back for a moment and notice when we’re off track. A day or two here and there, for most of us, won’t hurt much, but back sliding for a week or more can have a noticeable and cumulative effect.

It’s not easy to step back from a bad habit, so let’s do it together.

I’ll go first… I’ve been off track lately. My life has been so busy, that even when I’ve taken the time to shop and cook, I haven’t taken the time to sit down and have relaxing healthy meals. Snacking along the way, eating too late in the evening, and not getting enough down time or sleep.

It happens.

Now it’s your turn. Where are you feeling off track from where you would like to be?

Just notice.

Our lives are sometimes too busy or rushed or full. Sometimes we don’t get enough sleep. Sometimes there are increased demands we must meet. Sometimes we’re emotionally stirred up by our relationships. These are all stressors that can throw our best intentions off-kilter. It happens.

Just notice.

Sometimes we act on impulse. Sometimes we’re doing our best just to get through the day. It happens.

Just notice.

There’s no right or wrong, only what fits and feels good on the inside, and what doesn’t.

Just notice.

Getting back on track isn’t about judging or criticizing anyone or anything, it’s just about catching your breath. Take this time, as we connect through this post, to breathe. Let the noise of the day pass. Let it melt away. Given the chance, there’s nothing that can’t be said or done differently tomorrow.

Just notice.

Our best intentions for maintaining healthy habits are challenged when we’re tired, stressed, or short on time. It’s true. But feeling good and living well is something we value, and that’s why we’ve taken these few moments to notice ourselves, and remember that sometimes it’s easier said than done.

Wishing you ease.

May you be blessed with good health, and may your life be a blessing.

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When Your Doctor Says, “Just Change and You’ll Feel Better!”

Un-healthy Harold

Image by goosmurf via Flickr

Has your doctor or health care practitioner told you you’ve got to change lately? Like this is as easy thing to do,“Just change.” I think not!

What Kind of Change is On The Table For You?

  •     Don’t eat sweets?
  •     Lay off dairy products?
  •     Get some exercise every day?
  •     Go to bed earlier?
  •     Eat more vegetables?
  •     Give up the alcohol?
  •     Work less? Relax more?

These simply stated words of advice may involve significant life changes for you.

  • To change may mean that you have to learn new ways of organizing your time, your activities, and even aspects of your relationships.
  • To change may mean that you have to try things you’ve never tried before, learn things you never learned before, or  let go of things you never intended to let go of, ever.

For Example: What About the Girl Scout Cookies?

If your doctor says, don’t eat sweets, then what do you do with the Girl Scout Cookies? Here’s what I did this year. I gave my delicious Thin Mints to my local fire department. It happened that around the time the cookies arrived, I’d called the fire station to ask about safely storing things near the water heater. The fireman I spoke with was so kind and helpful, that I wanted to give something back. The cookies! I asked, “Hey, would you guys like some Girl Scout Thin Mints?” Without hesitation he said, “absolutely!”

I took my walk that day over to the fire station and delivered the cookies. The fireman I’d spoken with greeting me with a smile, and with a smile I gave him the cookies. I was happy to know they would be enjoyed, and we both agreed the cookies were best when frozen. We laughed at how everybody seems to know that tasty trick. I left, wondering though… what is it about those guys, they’re always sexy!

I’ve digressed… but isn’t that the point ultimately, to get through these challenges and back to enjoying life?

If you’re wrestling with a change, then let’s take on the challenge and meet it. It can be done. In time it will get easier.

If you’re wrestling with a set of changes, it may feel more complicated, even overwhelming, but again, it can be done. That’s what this blog is all about, giving you the practical and inspirational support you need to stay the course, for improving your digestion and living well!

Let me know what kinds of changes are on the table for you, and what you’re doing to meet the challenge!

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Kick Those Bad Habits to the Curb!

If not for sugar and spice and everything nice, we wouldn’t be in a place like this… talking about digestion!

I was at a meeting today… just a small group of 6, but half of us had something concerning digestion awry. A study in 2009 reported over 70 million people in the US had chronic digestion concerns. The only people who benefit from that, of course, are the pharmaceutical companies. Doctors too are putting their kids through college on income over our bad habits. Are you ready for a turn-around? That’s what we’re going to address in this blog. I’m going to share with you all the inspiration I can. I’ll share everything that works for me, including my… no guilt, just throw it away if it’s not good for you… policy. It’s okay. It takes time to develop new habits, and that’s what this section is all about. For now… just know I’m here to offer you support in kicking your bad habits to the curb, and finding new healthy ones that will support you having healthy digestion and living well.

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