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Stress and The Cumulative Effect

Do you ever feel out of sorts and wonder how your got off track? If you can’t pinpoint any one thing that threw your system off, it might be your body is reacting to The Cumulative Effect. Falling behind on … Continue reading

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Are You Tired? Don’t Snack, Rest!

When you’re hungry, eat. When you’re thirsty, drink. And when you’re tired, rest to restore yourself. That list of Things To Do will get done faster and more efficiently if you are rested and feeling healthy. If you’re tired, taking … Continue reading

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When Healthy Habits Are Easier Said Than Done

When it comes to maintaining healthy eating and living habits, it’s often easier said than done for a variety of reasons. We all encounter these reasons from time to time. The week was so full, that I didn’t have time … Continue reading

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